Nowadays wood burning camping stoves are gaining popularity for many reasons, including their ease of use and practicality. I would highly recommend these stoves if you are planning to go out with your family or friends for picnic, backpacking, hiking, camping or other outdoor activities. These stoves are usually powered by nothing more than a coal and wood. They are affordable and there is no need to carry fuel. You can find wood anywhere and start cooking your food. Wood camping stoves make more sense for people already carrying a heavy load, don’t want to carry gas canisters, or like the idea of using wood instead of fossil fuels. Because wood stoves appeal to such a wide variety of people, they are becoming an extremely popular alternative to gas burning stoves.

Ideal for Your Camping, Hiking Trips

Do you love those sudden hiking trips with your friends? Or do you prefer to travel alone and explore new locations? If you are interested in all these outdoor camping trips you very well know that outdoor camping is like a breath of fresh air to a dull and mundane life of 9-6 jobs. But while camping you need to satisfy your untimely hunger pangs as well! Hence, one of the most important things that you need to carry while camping is a stove. Now, to be honest, every stove has its own pros and cons and you need to choose the best and the most suitable one to make your camping trip a truly enjoyable and memorable experience. But, the secret to choosing the best camping stove is deciding on the usability, frequency of use, functioning, size and overall maintenance.

Stoves can be used for either cooking or burning woods and twigs to keep you warm at night. Depending on what purpose you are going to use the stove for, you need to consider the options you have in hand. So, here I have selected 4 best wood burning camp stoves of 2017 that you need to know about in detail to make the wise selection:

#1. Solo Stove Titan – Best Camping Wood Stove

Solo stove titan

Solo stove for camping: img source:

Solo Stove is designed for the enthusiastic campers of all ages, Solo Stove Titan is the perfect combo of durability with high functionality. The double wall system together with heat shielding protection makes it an absolute steal for the campers.

Not to forget, the light weight of this stove which makes it a desirable one. When you have a rucksack filled with other necessary camping items, a 10 pound stove would seem to be really heavy. That is why the makers have put extra effort to make sure that the weight is on the down side. Moreover, this stove is not just meant to burn wood. It will also burn the smoke twice inside. Another amazing feature of this stove is the ash pan that is fitted at the bottom. At the top, there is a primary and secondary burner. While the primary burner is used to burn the wood quickly, the secondary burner allows the preheated oxygen to provide appropriate fuel to the flame. All in all, this stove is a must for those who go hiking quite frequently.

  • Eco-friendly as it keeps and burns the smoke inside
  • Lightweight so that you do not think of it as an extra baggage
  • Durable, strong and corrosion-resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee with 100% guaranteed returns

  • Price is a bit on the higher side
  • Size can be a factor for those who are looking for a smaller stove.

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#2. EcoZoom Versa – Efficient Wood Burning Camp Stove

outdoor camp wood stove

Ecozoom versa is one the best clean cooking camping stove for your outdoor experience. It is the most popular and lovable stove by travelers because it is very light in wait, multiple fuel supported(Wood, coal, solid biomass etc.) , stainless steel handles with silicone grips etc.

Have you ever thought of going on a camping spree with your family? It would be a great experience to stay under the blue sky amidst the soft jungles. But, when it comes to lighting a fire or cooking food items, everyone seems toecozoom camp stove ask others how to do it. Instead of thinking so much, it would be best to take the EcoZoom Rocket Stove – Versa on your camping trip. It is the one and only truly flexible stove that can cook with charcoal, wood and even solid biomass. There is a vertical combustion chamber which allows the flames to mix with the gas and this helps to reduce the harmful emissions. Depending on the fuel which is being used to cook, like wood or charcoal, the output of the stove is controlled from inside so that it can cook fast. Another plus point of this stove is that you can use stuffs other than wood and charcoal to burn. Initially, if it is taking time to find small sized wood or twigs, you can always collect pine cones and burn them before switching over to solid biomass or wood. Thus, what can be a much better option than this one to carry on a camping trip?

  • Size is just perfect for taking anywhere and everywhere
  • Sturdy steel handles with silicone grips keep handles cool while stove is hot
  • Durable cast iron top
  • Offers complete energy efficient cooking
  • Abrasion resistant, lightweight and portable
  • It has refractory metal combustion chamber Pros:

  • It only has a primary burner and no secondary burner
  • Price is quite high compared to its other counterparts

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#3. BioLite BaseCamp Wood Cooking Stove:

Planning to go camping with a big group of friends? Then BioLite BaseCamp Stove should be in your list.

img source: Amazon

It is designed to cook for a large group, this camp stove is a sturdy unit and will take care of the cooking needs exceptionally well. The grill is quite big and has a secondary unit at the bottom where you can burn twigs, pinecones, small logs and leaves to create fire.

Type – Stainless steel

Best for – Cooking meals for a group, boiling water and burning pinecones and twigs

Fuel Type – twigs, firewood, wood chunks, etc.

Weight – 17 Pounds

Ideal for – Who are going for long trips (Camping).

This stove is a smart alternative to fossil-fuel stoves. It uses wood and other solid biomass as a fuel. With a quick start facility, the BioLite BaseCamp Stove fires into action with the click of a switch.

One of the reasons that make this stove the best in the business is because of the 138 inch grill and 5 Watt power output. The grill is big enough to make food for a group of 8 or even 10 depending on what you are making. To top it off, you can charge your Smartphone or other gadgets or torch so that you are never in the dark. There is also a concentrated furnace where you can roast marshmallows or boil water quickly.

image source – amazon

  • Large Group Cooking
  • Off-Grid Stove
  • Big grill makes it easier to cook food
  • Onboard battery to charge Smart phones
  • Has the ability to convert heat into electricity and the LED dashboard will indicate the power that it is generating 
  • Too heavy for backpacking or camping tours
  • Expensive and size is big for solo trips

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#4. Solo Stove Campfire – Eco-friendly Stove for Camping 

solo wood camp stoveAre you used to hiking alone? Do you not trust the water you drink from outside? Well, Solo Stove Campfire is what you need for camping in a desolate area. It is small, it is lightweight and it can burn twigs, wood and pinecones and also help to cook food and boil water. Most importantly, it is a very eco-friendly stove as it cooks the smoke and also burns it twice thus leaving no emissions behind. The double wall helps to burn the wood quickly thus helping in quick food preparation. There is also a heat shield between the ash pan and bottom of the stove. So, the place where you use the stove will not get scorched after using. What’s more? One of the best reasons why this stove is so much in demand among the campers and hikers is because of its compact design. The pan is large enough to cook a solo meal, but overall it is small enough to fit in your hiking bag and ideal for camping outdoors.

Solo Stove is The Most Successful & Recommended Wood Stove By Campers

  • Secondary combustion chamber with ultra-clean gasification features
  • Made of nichrome wire and premium stainless steel to make it more durable
  • Recommended by Matt Graham of Discovery Channel and Backpacker Magazine
  • Cooking ring is quite large so that you can cook your food quickly

  • Limited temperature would not help you get that crispy food you always love to eat
  • The available space is not enough to cook a big amount of food at one time

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Final Words:

So, the bottom line is, your camping trip would be incomplete if you go without any of the above mentioned stoves. You need to stay warm and have some food while camping and, these 4 varieties of wood burning camping stoves have their own unique facilities to meet all your needs. Hence, make your best pick from among the 4 above mentioned stoves and set off your camping spree without any worries!

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